WEB Design


Web design projects as well as in each project should be done in a particular purpose. Without a clearly defined purpose, the website cannot provide the expected benefits.

If you want to gain competitive advantage, your website should be different from others. Maybe you don’t really need a website; maybe your website is affecting your company in a bad way. In order to design a website you should determine a clear purpose and strategy. As you know we have a lot of rubbish website and there is no need an extra one.

Why do you want a new website? What is your purpose? How much does it cost? Is template site a good idea?

WEB Design Originality

Copying is the first step of creativity and development. Unfortunately, it is not possible to create difference copying others. If your web designer is offering standard templates, you can be sure that it is not possible to satisfy your expectations.

In order to get different, effective and sustainable results, the originality of website should be aligning with customer targets. Analyze of the company has a vital importance in order to create an original design.

Industry conditions, customer segmentation and company operational structure are main points of analyzing the company. As an operational company, you have already important competitive advantage; our mission is to reflect your strength to your website.

Egocentric WEB Design

One of the biggest mistakes in web design is that the boss gives personnel decisions about the company website. But it should be known that website is designed for the customer. Hence the main design criteria should be preferences of the customer.

Animations, high quality images are meaningful only if they are servicing to your strategic targets. Because of that we try to understand your customer and their relationship with your brand. Our methodology can be defined as customer centric web design.

Important Points for Web Design

A web site includes back end which is coding part and front end which is user interface.

Front End : Front end is the places where your customers are interact with. Hence, it is easy to evaluate this part of website.

Back End : Back end includes code structure of website. It is not easy to evaluate back end by the customer. Code structure directly affects your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) performance, website speed and unexpected errors.

The most important points you should be careful;

In the front end, the design should be align with company targets; furthermore, it should be lean, user friendly and functional.

You should be sure that your web designer analyzes your industry, customer and the company properly.

By examining web sites of your competitors, try to develop solutions that will expose your strengths.

Try to find different alternatives about causes of customers to use this website.

Make sure that your site can be viewed on mobile devices.

Web site is not a result; it is a tool which will make you effective in digital world. Hence, website is not a static product, it is a dynamic tool.

Maintenance costs should be determined at the beginning of the web design project.

For the websites updated frequently, you should request an admin panel.

Learn necessarily about scripting languages ​​used on your site.

You should request a technical report which includes information about different browser compliance, SEO compatibility and mobile usage.

Do not let web designers make you addicted, purchase codes if possible.

Responsive Web Design

Mobile device usage in Turkey has been increasing rapidly; hence, it is important to reach websites from different kind of mobile devices.

Using responsive design techniques, your customers can reach your website from various mobile devices. Furthermore, if you want to increase your effectiveness in mobile world, you can design a separate mobile version of your site which will be designed just for mobile user experience.

We pay attention to make responsive design. Because, we know that a customer who can’t reach your website will directly influence your goodwill.

Web Site Admin Panel

If you are changing content of the website frequently, admin panel will be a useful tool in your daily business life. Generally, designers don’t want to make an admin panel. Because, admin panel decreases maintenance cost which can be a long term income for designers. In addition to that the price of the website with admin panel will be higher than just website design and in the competitive market it won’t be a smart strategy to increase initial investment of the customer. But we believe that our offer should minimize life-time cost of the web site.


First of all, we would like to state that e-commerce business is more competitive and cost effective than you predict. Of course, eyes only focus on success stories such as eBay, Amazon; but, there are a lot of unsuccessful e-commerce stories you have not heard. Hence, you should have a clear strategy and targets before starting e-commerce. Furthermore, e-commerce business requires continuous investment to acquire new customers.

If you are serious about e-commerce, we will be happy to support your business. Please call us for further details.

Low Price Web Site

If we understand that a simple solution is enough for your organization, we will be happy to make low price website. But if you are expecting copy of a template website which won’t provide any benefits to you, unfortunately we can’t make this. Because we know that it won’t be a solution for you. You are just throwing your money away.

We can make high quality, user friendly and low price websites, but we should be sure about your expectations and strategic position. We know that price is important, but please note that the most expensive site is the site which you can’t get any benefit.

hızlıYOL Web Design Process

We are following web design steps as listed below;

Step 1 : Preliminary Evaluation Report

Preliminary evaluation report is presented according to industry dynamics, company structure and customer targets.

If you have a website, we are analyzing not only design but also technical aspects and presenting website status report.

Step 2 : Design Development Meeting

After presentation of preliminary evaluation report, a design development meeting is made to identify ideas for the originality and clarify expectations. At the end of the meeting, we present our technical and commercial offer with at least one year maintenance.

Step 3 : Design Presentation

According to decisions taken in the design development meeting, design presentation with alternative solutions is made and comments are used to improve design.

Step 4: Web Site Testing

During testing process, selected users try website for different purposes and problems encountered are solved.

Step 5: Website Closing Report

At the end of testing process, website closing report is submitted to the customer. The report consists of technical coding, mobile usage and SEO compatibility information.

Step 6: Web Site Maintenance

We determine maintenance periods according to your needs. Maintenance service includes website updates, solving of technical problems, monitoring user portfolio. Periodic reports are presented to the customer in order to summarize results of maintenance services. If requested by the customer, during this period SEO and Adwords support can be offered.

If You Already Have a Web Site

We can develop new ideas to improve the benefit of your site. Using form below, send us your web site URL, let us offer you a free site evaluation report. Just try it; you can get more detailed information about your site with this report.

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