hızlıYOL Technology is developing a new solution with different approach…


hızlıYOL Technology aim to create an infrastructure that will enable companies to manage their business processes more effectively with smart messaging.


In addition to our BIOT solutions, we also offer services for supplying Beacon and developing Beacon project in partnership with Onyx Beacon.


Not only humans but also all the things around us are creating a new network called internet of things. Your car, your refrigerator, your photo in the room, your desk is now becoming a part of the virtual world. In addition to that office, workshops, production areas will be changing in near future. All sensors will be part of a unique system which will change the way of doing business.


BIOT is a new solution developed by HizliYOL Technology which combines flexibility of chat bots and power of IoT. Using this solution, companies can manage their workflows between not only human and bots, but also human, bots and things around them.

For instance, your meeting room and car can trigger a workflows using messaging platform or a message sent by you can trigger a BOT and open the projector in the meeting room. Those examples can be increased according to your needs.

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