As hızlıYOL, our main objective is to provide sustainable benefits to our business partners.

Our company gives importance to focus on sectoral needs. In order to create successful solution for our customers, first of all we should learn the sector dynamics of the customer. Because of that our preliminary principles are to focus on sector dynamics and develop benefit based solutions.

Regardless of the sector, each company wants to reach customer and provide best service or product to the customer. hızlıYOL develops lean, fast and effective technology solutions in order to carry its customers to their strategic targets.

We as hızlıYOL focus on two main benefit group for our customers;

- To reach customer

- To improve process

Technology doesn’t aim to change your working system in unproductive way without creating additional value. So technology should be adapted to your working system to increase productivity and quality. We believe that the best technology solutions should be easy to implement and result oriented. In line with this belief, we keep away our customers from template solutions, high maintenance costs, and aimless investments and we want to convert your investment to the maximum return.

Technological development in a global world is now very easy to achieve, but this convenience also raises the possibility of making the wrong choices. In this environment, the biggest benefit of hızlıYOL is to provide you what you need.

Biz takım olarak, teknolojinin fayda sağladığı kadar önemli olduğuna inanıyoruz. Farklı bir deneyim için sizleri bekliyoruz.

“Strategic failures cannot be corrected by tactical successes.”

hızlıYOL is established on six values stated below;

ETHICS : Our company gives importance to ethical values in all projects. Hence, we don’t give promises we can’t do, we don’t use inappropriate statements about our competitors and we try to understand critics made about us.
CLARITY : Our company doesn’t hide any information from its clients. It answers clearly all questions about the project and the company. All works is done in transparency.
INNOVATION : Our company gives great importance to the adaptation of the innovation. Innovation is meaningful when it creates value for the customer. Hence, our company follows technologic innovations and recommends the most suitable ones to the customer.
ENTREPRENEURSHIP : Our company support new ventures with its customers or workers to create new innovative projects.
LEADERSHIP : Our company gives value to sustainable leadership which is possible with competence and teamwork. Because of that, our main target is to create an innovative team and to support each team member in order to be distinguished leader in his field.
KNOWLEDGE : Knowledge is the main raw material of our production. We know that sharing of knowledge increases our power. So, we do not hesitate to share our knowledge.

Six values ​​mentioned above, creates our constitution which will form all activities of our company.

In any case, it is not our main goal is to sell to the customer. The important thing is to win the customer's trust. Therefore, we don’t compromise our values for short term earnings.

“I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” Bill Cosby

According to our company values and identity, team member can be specialized in 4 main groups;

- Business Development Group

- Project Management Group

- Technology Development Group

- Design Group

Human resources policy of our company is working with team members who will contribute one of above mentioned main groups. Our company’s remuneration policy is declared all candidates during job interviews.


Our company measures development using three main criteria stated below;

Productivity: It is measured by annual turnover per person,

Customer Satisfaction: Surveys are used to measure customer satisfaction,

Customer Interest: It is measured by the number of website visitor and the time spent on the site.

As a technology company, we aim to create value for our customer using various level of technology. Because of that, for each project we follow process summarized below;

- Project Evaluation

- Project Targets Determination

- Preparation of Project Plan including schedule and resource management

- Project Closing Report

Continuous development can be achieved just only by structured data production. Hence, all resource usage data during projects should be registered on the company database.

Priority Development Areas